New Products are Plentiful

Attendees will be able to test their heat limit on UTZ Hots! new hot pepper kettle style potato chips.  Flavors come in Tomatillo Salsa, Cayenne Chili Sauce, Scorpion Pepper which are set at “burn, blaze or lava” heat limits.  Also being unveiled is their wavy Heluva Good! Buttermilk Ranch gluten free potato chips.  Stop by UTZ Quality Foods booth 323 to take the heat test!

During their first sales year last year, Dr. Stoner's won silver medals for their Fresh Herb Vodka and for Dr. Stoner's Smoky Herb Whiskey at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.   In addition to being very well received by expert tasters, their sales indicate that it has also been warmly received by the buying public.  In just nine months of sales, they have sold more than 5,500 cases of Dr. Stoner's Spirits.  Future plans include the addition of a Dr.Stoner's Crazy Herb Tequila - Hierba Loca. Sample Dr. Stoner’s in booth 2400.

Layton's Umbrellas has redesigned their Aluminum Market umbrellas! The Frame now features a polished silver aluminum. And, they have upgraded the end tips with a screw and grommet system. To top it off, they’ve added a new finial (top of the umbrella) for added style.  Take a peek at the umbrellas in booths 628-631.

The Exotic Bean, the U.S. distributor for Paradise Mountain organic coffee from Thailand.  It specializes in providing the highest quality, USDA certified organic coffees to our customers. Our coffees are shade grown, direct trade, non-GMO, Kosher certified and most recently trademarked The World’s most sustainable coffee. We promise you will "Taste the Difference," but you can find out for yourself at Booth 316.

Madhouse Oysters will be introducing a new brand of sustainably raised oysters. These are being raised on their farm in Chincoteague Bay and will be ready for this season.  Meet the folks behind the oysters at Booth 2500.

Focusing heavily on outdoor weatherproof metal signs, Plak That now has the ability to CNC cut the signs into any shapes after printing. They are made of aluminum and come in a variety of sizes.  You can meet Ocean City native and owner, Wyatt Harrison in booth 900-901.

MS Walker Wholesale will feature their limited release West Cork Glengarriff Series Peated Single Malt & Black Reserve Irish Whiskies which according to Vince Grande are “absolutely stunning quality!” He will also feature Grand Mayan Silver and Over Aged Anejo Tequilas which are hand-crafted and artisinally produced using only 100% pure central-highland blue agave. Look for this, packaged in a hand-made and painted ceramic decanter at booth 2600.

Pinnacle Communications Corp. has introduced digital signage packages for the hospitality market beginning at $2,500, including installation and support.  Customers can select wall-mounted, 1080p displays ranging from 43 to 95 inches wide that include a cloud-based content management system, Chromebox computer, Interactivity, wayfinding and beaconing, according to Paul Payette, Pinnacle VP & GM, digital signage solutions. Learn more about this cloud based management system at Booth 101.

Oxley's Extra's exciting line-up of products are available through privately owned local businesses restaurants, diners, bars, liquor stores, etc in our market areas and now  through This veteran owned small business will feature 26 new ?Steak Sauce, Bloody Mary Mixes, BBQ Sauces & Hot Sauces.  Sample these at Booth 1002.

After working with several different recipes and numerous tastings, ArcticBuzz™ has cracked the code and delivers homemade, hand churned, smooth vodka frozen dairy dessert. To take it a step further, they will work closely with local distilleries to create artisan flavors that are formulated solely for their product!  Currently they feature six flavors of a hand crafted vodka that provides outstanding taste for each and every palate.  Find them at Booth 1122.

Picklehead LLC will be featuring their Tip Tough product which protects chefs fingers.  The founder of Tip Tough is a young entrepreneur whose father is a chef who always came home from work with deep cuts. So, RJ designed the Tip Tough to protect his father's fingers and now everyone can stay safe in the kitchen. You’ll find this product at Booth 1201.

Stop by booth 1004 to talk with Frank who can bring Serv Safe Food Safety Manager's classes to your restaurant with as few as 3 students.  Let him come to you!

Summer J. Artisan Ice Pops LLC, will be in booth 2102-2103 showcasing Delaware's first all-natural gourmet ice pop company.  Shortly after their daughter, Summer, was born a family member was diagnosed with cancer. It was out of this crisis that Queon Jackson and his wife became committed to creating something healthy and they created Summer J. Pops.  These sweet treats can be guilt free, as they contain real fruit and do not have refined sugar, preservatives or artificial flavors.  These ice pops are certified vegan, gluten free, and dairy free.  They can be purchased individually and in boxes of 4. Make sure to say hello to Queon and sample Summer J. Pops.

Delmarva Two-Way Radio, Inc. of Ocean City has announced its association with other Motorola 2-Way Dealers in establishing the new “Mid-Atlantic Digital Radio Network”.  Based upon the Motorola “MotoTRBO” System, companies that provide delivery and service vehicles into the Ocean City/Delmarva Area are able to converse legally with the drivers while traveling.  The system also includes GPS Tracking that can be viewed via Smartphones and PC’s.  Businesses will gain better control of vehicles, scheduling and route management all while saving money!   “This system reminds me of the old Nextel system,” stated Milt Warren, Delmarva Two-Way President.  Check it out in Booth #110.

Kombucha continues to make headlines for its benefits to our health, now, it will make headlines as one of the newest products to it the Expo!  Stop by AC Beverage’s Booth 1103 to learn more about Komboucha on tap!

VIVOTEK has a new camera, which is a stereo counting camera, that tracks in real-time the flow of people movement by counting them with high accuracy of up to 98%.  This metric will provide business owners the tool to make operation decisions and increase their ROI.  Check it out at VIVOTEK & Maloney Telecom Booth 2001-2002.

The Bank of Delmarva has opened a new branch in West Ocean City and in addition to traditional teller services, this branch boasts a custom-developed room for cash business transactions, called CoinPlus.  CoinPlus solves a problem that many cash-dependent businesses have: keeping enough cash – in the right denominations - on hand all the time. CoinPlus users can place orders for the cash they need whenever they need it. Customers would receive a key fob which would give them entrance to the front door of the branch and the CoinPlus room where there are 28 CoinPlus lockers/vaults.  The customer would use their finger print on the machine inside the room which is secure and only one person can occupy at a time to access their locker/vault.  Then, the finger print is pre-programed and releases a key to their locker.  Stop by booth 2101 to learn more.

Maryland Plastics is introducing a new line, Sea Glass, where innovative design meets impeccable quality!  These beautiful and functional plastic bowls range in size from 16oz to 10quart in size and are available in both blue and green.  Stop by and see Dick White in booth 103.

Restaurant Reputations has several new platforms, among them, Menu Sync by Single Platform makes it easy to showcase and update a business’s most important service information on the top search engines, review sites, online listing directories, social media sites and mobile apps.  Another one, Zenreach, was created to solve one of the most important problems in the modern economy—consumers spend most of their time online, yet over 90% of purchasing still happens offline?—?and there is no link between the two systems.  So, Zenreach is a simple WiFi-powered marketing platform that delivers automated smart messaging, incorporates a comprehensive CRM, offers tools to manage your reputation in real-time, analyzes walk-through rates™, and more.  Burbio is an event sharing platform that provides businesses with an easy way to create, track and promote their events. A business owner can easily import their existing events calendar into Burbio or create and publish events right through the platform. The online calendar gets your events on Google search, Amazon Alexa and social media.  Learn more about all things digital at booth 326.

Belle Isle Moonshine, a craft distillery based in Richmond, Virginia, has arrived in Ocean City, MD with hopes to revive the art of moonshine.  Balanced moonshine is an easy substitute for vodka or tequila. Belle Isle Moonshine is crafted from 100% organic corn and triple distilled it for clarity. The result is an 80-proof moonshine which is just as flexible in a cocktail as vodka, but without the wicked burn or bad taste. Try it at booth 2601.

The distinctive flavor of Red Drum drove extraordinary consumer demand, transforming the popular game fish from a culinary unknown to center-of-the-plate stardom.  In the 70s, New Orleans Chef Paul Prudhomme's Cajun-spiced red drum fillets, seared at very high temperatures in an iron skillet, ignited the palates of fish lovers and introduced many seafood "newbies" to the fish, too. Blackened redfish, as the dish became known, grew so popular that the Gulf Coast states quickly moved to protect the species by halting commercial sales of wild red drum and reducing recreational catch limits. As a result, fisheries pressures eased, and during the 80s and 90s, wild stocks began to recover to healthier levels.   The light, white meat of Copper Shoals Red Drum® tastes mild, not bland. It has a robust texture that adapts well to many cooking methods. Grill, steam, bake, pan sear or stir fry.  We found the texture to be very similar to that of Striped Bass (Rockfish), but had a sweeter flavor, almost like snapper; try it for yourself at Capital Seaboard booth 1100.