New Products are Plentiful

Loyal exhibitor, AC Beverage will be unveiling his new Custom Cocktails on Tap which is a new custom system that allow cocktails to be served on Tap!

APPI Energy has launched a new energy efficiency division, offering clients the opportunity to further reduce their energy expenses and carbon footprint with lighting retrofits and LEDs. Along with APPI Energy’s electricity and natural gas supply procurement, they are offering free audits to help businesses determine cost-savings associated with a lighting efficiency project.  Visit them in booth 404.

Frank Ali with Delmarva Serv Safe is offering SPRING 2019 Trade Show special pricing: 5 students at your location: $ 775.00-SAVE $ 50.00  10 students at your location: $1550.00-SAVE $ 100.00  Call 732-616-6884, or visit booth 212.

The Bank of Delmarva's West Ocean City branch offers a unique service called CoinPlus. Businesses have the ability to place "orders" for the cash they need, down to specific denominations. They then go to the secured-access CoinPlus Room to retrieve their cash when ready. With the CoinPlus Room, a busy night won't be derailed by an empty cash register drawer. Visit them in booth 504.

A brand new company, Dough 2 Go is hitting the market and specializes in fresh dough.  Serving the mid-Atlantic region, their dough is custom made and delivered to any size and quantity needed.  Dough 2 Go is owned by Scott Heise, the original pizza delivery guy. Visit them in booth 311.

Delaware Sauce Company is returning and will be unveiling a couple new tasty sauces: Delaware Peach Hot Sauce, and Nor’easter.  This company also offers private labeling of their sauces.

Long-time exhibitor, Ecolab will be showcasing a new ventless warewashing system.  This dishwashing system has an integrated heat recovery system that captures steam to enable ventless operating.  It’s high pressure rinse technology reduces water and energy useage by 50%. And, it has automated procedures which equates to less reliance on the operator.  Take a peek at it in booth 222-223.

Sure to be a hit is Entertainment Experts new Cashless Fun Card Pass.  This cashless game is designed to create marketing opportunities for hotels and restaurants to promote family entertainment.  The best part is it is free to put in hotels and restaurants. Check it out at booth 2415.

Essential System Solutions will have the newest version of MobileBytes POS. This savvy system includes online ordering, a loyalty program, pay at the table coupled with Avero advanced reporting. This allows restaurant operators to fully manage their POS system, staff and guests from anywhere. How cool is that? See for yourself in booth 614.

Hy-Point will be exhibiting and celebrating Lewes Dairy's 100th anniversary by giving away tons of birthday favors, birthday cake, and ice cream!  Free samples from Hale & Hearty Soup, Don's Salads, General Mills, Martins Eggs and more will be in booth 701 along with hourly drawings to win a special birthday gift!

Industry veteran Jim Hoffman of Market First will showcase the Reverse Tap, a  direct draw beer system that fills the cup from the bottom delivering a 20oz beer in 7 seconds and provides operator a 97% yield on product.   He’ll also showcase IR Energy’s premium gas-fired luxury outdoor heaters delivering high energy output while using less BTQs than the competitor; that is why TOP GOLF uses IR Energy for all their locations.  Visit booth 1016-1017.

First time exhibitor, Many Sweets is a manufacturer of ready-to-serve desserts, specializing in authentic Italian gelato and will offer special OCMD flavors.

MD Coastal Bays will be unveiling a new program promoting source reduction. This is a better way to manage our waste stream and environment. Ocean City Green Team is working on providing tools, information and promotions to encourage and support greener businesses. Stayed tuned as the group will be providing tools for greener purchases and promotions for those who participate. You’ll find them in the upstairs lobby.

Paychex will be introducing Paychex Learning. 87% of millennials rate “professional or career growth and development opportunities” as important to them in a job. Companies that produce strong employee engagement scores also produce revenue growth that is 2.5 times higher than companies with lower engagement scores.  By making training and e-learning a priority, you can help ensure employees – of any generation – are engaged, focused and continually honing their skills, in addition to potentially improving retention and diminishing costly turnover to your business. Paychex now offers a seamlessly integrated solution for providing professional training courses to your workforce. Creating a workplace that promotes skill, career, and leadership development is important for everyone, including millennials who rank training and development higher than cash bonuses as a priority in the workplace. Learn more at booth 1006.

Seacrets Distilling is unveiling a new product that promises to please many palettes; Bumbleberry Vodka. (it just sounds delicious!) Seven times distilled, made with fresh blueberries, raspberries and blackberries, it is similar to a grape juice/sangria taste with stronger notes of sweet blueberries and blackberries.  Sample Bumbleberry Vodka at booth 2505 & 2514.

New exhibitor, URETEK offers cost savings solutions to commercial properties where they have concrete settlement issues.  All businesses should be ADA compliant and URETEK has a patented method that is extremely effective in solving these issues without any excavation. If URETEK can’t solve the problem, they don’t charge the client! You can find them at booth 910.